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14 Nov:

Course Grades are now posted.

Mean 85.8
Standard Error 0.950346197
Median 87
Mode 88
Standard Deviation 4.250077399
Sample Variance 18.06315789
Kurtosis -0.471948866
Skewness -0.586487788
Range 15
Minimum 77
Maximum 92
Sum 1716
Count 20
14 Nov:

Final Project Grades are now posted.

Mean 90
Standard Error 1.088214375
Median 90
Mode 90
Standard Deviation 4.866642634
Sample Variance 23.68421053
Kurtosis -0.158678286
Skewness 0
Range 20
Minimum 80
Maximum 100
Sum 1800
Count 20
8 Nov:

The curved Quiz #3 grades have been posted.

Mean 71.1
Standard Error 5.4
Median 73
Mode 99
Standard Deviation 23.9
Sample Variance 572.0947368
Kurtosis 2.88528821
Skewness -1.284928615
Range 100
Minimum 0
Maximum 100
Sum 1422
Count 20

Folks....clearly this was an easy quiz if one had actually read the three chapters and actually studied at the graduate-school level of attention.  I told the class several times, exactly how the quis would be written and how to best study for it. I have a great deal of concern for each and everyone of you in this class when it comes to your ability to succeed at this level of education; at least given your performance learning process you exhibit herein; for example, not bothering to actually read or even be aware of the readings.  The school and I very much want you to succeed....My door is wide-open if you would like to talk about such matters and you are interested in addressing your issues.   Do take advantage of the extenisve exepreince I have and am willing to share....Anyway, all the best to you!  Thank you for the learning you have provided to me....Cheers, Terrill.

3 Nov: All of the group project materials (PPTs and Self-feedback) have been uploaded to the site. Check the respective project sections at the bottom of this page for the links.
2 Nov:

Quiz #2 Student grades have been posted. Here are the summary stats(*):

Mean 69.75
Standard Error 4.14
Median 71.5
Mode 60
Standard Deviation 18.5
Sample Variance 342.3
Kurtosis -0.36614
Skewness -0.16188
Range 69
Minimum 31
Maximum 100
Sum 1395
Count 20

There were two 100-point scores (raw scores were 102 and 110!).

28 Oct: Quiz #3 has been moved from 4 Nov to 7 Nov.
9 Oct: Thursday's class meeting will be in room C106
6 Oct: After analyzing the course feedback and given the disruption from rescheduling some class meetings, QUIZ #2 is CANCELED.  The course grading will be adjusted so that only 3 quizzes will be given.  Quiz #3 is now called Quiz #2, and Quiz #4 is now Quiz #3.  Since we have dropped a quiz--now only three of them--Quiz #3 will now be worth 10 course points, instead of only 5 course points.  The calendar below has been adjusted to reflect these changes.
26 Sep:


1) I obtained two presentations of Mary Meeker's (Ex. Morgan Stanley) as examples of her use of presentation catch-phrases See [HERE (2102)] and [HERE (2013)].

2) The group presentations that have been presented to class are available for your re-review.  See the Project #1 details at the bottom of this web page.

3) For those groups completed the presentation, please complete a Group Feedback form (See project section below) and submit via website.

4) ALL:  Please conplete a course evaluation form (see 9/26 on calendar) and submit via the website.

5) Have a GREAT National Week!!!!

21 Sep: Students: Professor is presently in Beijing for PHBS student interviews. Due to SZ airport shutdown, our Monday Class is canceled. It will be rescheduled later. The next class meeting is planned for Wednesday, Sept 25. (see calendar below)
18 Sep:

Quiz #1 Student grades have been posted. Here are the summary stats(*):

Mean 71.526316
Standard Error 3.524657
Median 72
Mode 68
Standard Deviation 15.363624
Sample Variance 236.04094
Kurtosis 3.6535615
Skewness -1.28156
Range 71
Minimum 26
Maximum 97
Sum 1359
Count 19

(*) Scores include a +7 points each student over the raw score

14 Sep: Groups have been assigned for Group Project #1; See listing after the Schedule (below)


Date Day

Lecture Topic(s) & Slides

Pedagogical Reading




Due (by 23:59 previous day)
01 2-Sep M 01-Introductions
02-Build, Borrow, or Buy


02 5-Sep H

03-M&A Overview


  • Set-up student account on course websites
03 9-Sep M

05-Does M&A Pay?

06-M&A Activity

Chen (2008) pp 1-37


  • write-up a 1,000 word report on the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia; prepare a 10 minute presentation (PPT) of your report (possible to present to class)
04 12-Sep H

07-Strategy and the Uses of M&A to Grow or Restructure the Firm

08-Acquisition Search and Deal Origination: Some Guiding Principles

Chen (2008) pp 149-157

Oi (2005)

  Begin in-class participation scoring
05 16-Sep M

In-Class Quiz #1

09-Due Diligence

In-class project-group time

Cross-Border Culture Due Diligence (2013)   
  • In-class Quiz #1
  • Group Proj #1 out (see below)
06 25-Sep

W 1:30-3:20

Room C124

10-Financial Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions

In-class project-group time

Po (2009)





Group Project #1 Presentations  GROUP A&B

11-Antitrust Law

12 - Valuation

Chen (2008) pp 38-71  
08 7-Oct M

13-Cross-Border M&A

14-Valuing the Firm Across Borders

In-class project-group time


CooperTireDeal (2013)

Shuanghui/Smithfield (2013)

Chen (2008) pp 72-148
09 9-Oct

W 1:30-3:20

Room C104

Group Project #1 Presentations  GROUP C, D, & E

  • Group Proj #2 out
10 10-Oct


Room C106

15-Communicating the Deal

16-Framework for Postmerger Integration

11 14-Oct


Room C103

17-Post-Deal Integration: An Overview

18-Individual Response to M&A

Text Ch14

Text Ch15

12 17-Oct


Room C106

19-Culture in M&A

20-Country Culture Differences

Text Ch16

Text Ch17

13 21-Oct


Room C103

Group Project #2 Presentations

14 28-Oct


Room C103

In-Class Quiz #2

21-Knowledge Management in M&A

Text Ch18

15 30-Oct

W 1:30-3:20

Room C125

22-Social Identity

23-Power and Politcs

Text Ch19

Text Ch20

16 31-Oct


Room C106

PMI Case Studies & Activities        
17 4-Nov


Room C103

PMI Case Studies & Activities

18 7-Nov


Room C106

In-Class Quiz #3

PMI Case Studies & Activities

  • In-class Quiz #3
Final Exam Day 11-Nov M      

Final Project (Individual)




[Project Description]   [Team Feedback Form

Assignment Out: 15 Sep.; In-class presentation & PPT due: 26 Sep.

[Submitted  Group Projects [Self-Feedback on Groups


A Michal Hranai
A Maria Joite
A Tian Wanzhou (Vincent)
A Wu Di (Betty)
B Long Keji (Leonardo)
B Huang Junjie
B YAN Chichen (Samuel)
B Thomas Rudebeck
C Jorgen Skogan
C Renata Shaykhutdinova
C Liu Shu (Eugene)
C Xie Libin (Elliot)
D Todorka Veselinova Petrova
D Li Xiaoqiang (Alex)
D Felix Dox (Felix Dox)
D DongZhiguo (Boris)
E Wang Qingzhou (Melinda)
E Sam
E Rasmus Roar Damsted Hansen
E Tian Yang (Tiffany)
E liu tengwei (Jerry)


[Project Description]   [Team Feedback Form

Assignment Out: 9 Oct.; In-class presentation & PPT due: 21 Oct.

[Submitted  Group Projects [Self-Feedback on Groups


A Maria Joite
A Long Keji (Leonardo)
A Todorka Veselinova Petrova
A liu tengwei (Jerry)
B Michal Hranai
B YAN Chichen (Samuel)
B Liu Shu (Eugene)
B Wang Qingzhou (Melinda)
C Wu Di (Betty)
C Renata Shaykhutdinova
C Felix Dox (Felix Dox)
C Rasmus Roar Damsted Hansen
D Tian Wanzhou (Vincent)
D Huang Junjie
D Jorgen Skogan
D Li Xiaoqiang (Alex)
E Thomas Rudebeck
E Xie Libin (Elliot)
E DongZhiguo (Boris)
E Tian Yang (Tiffany)


[Project Description]  

Assignment Out: 7 Oct.; Report due: 23:59 11 Nov.